When used correctly, a choke chain can be a very effective training tool.  However, if it's not it can be painful and actually cause harm to your pup.  If you have any further questions about choke chains, please email us at zteam@zpup.net!

This is how your chain should look if your dog is to your left.

When using a choke chain, you must keep it high on your dogs neck as to not damage the trachea and provide proper correction.  You should also be pulling up rather than back on the choke and your dog should be right at your left side in the "heel" position.  Try treating and walking to help with the heel command and don't reward or use the word "heel" until they are actually performing the behavior.

If you are working with your dog on your left (as is most common), the chain should go under their neck and come over the left side to hook onto the leash.  The loop that your lead is attached to should slide from the left side of your dog's body. 

When purchasing a choke chain for your dog be sure that it slides easily over your dogs head, but isn't so large that it will slide off.  Also, be sure that it isn't too heavy.  Ideally, you should have 3 - 4 inches of pull room for the chain to slide through to use as correction.

If you are walking your dog on your left, this is how the chain should look from the back.

For your pup's safety, you should never leave his choke chain on when you are not walking or training with it.  Never leave your dog unattended with a choke chain on.  Always be aware of the sizing of the choke chain so that it does not grow into your dogs skin. 
Other training collar options are prong collars, martingale collars (also refered to as double-loop or greyhound collars), Haltis, and Gentle Leaders.

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